Save 3,100* NOK on your electricity bill

Save electricity and money from day one!

Give employees a bonus for saving electricity and contributing to the green shift

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HI* = Human Intelligence

AI* = Artificial Intelligence

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Energy speedometer TM

Real-time control

The EnergyspeedometerTM helps you take control of your energy consumption - with real-time data. The speedometer will show energy consumption, electricity price 24 hours ahead and alert you when you max out your electricity.

*Energyspeedometer allows you to save more than 11% on electricity consumption. If we include control with fixed price/capacity step, this amounts to NOK 3,100 for a home with NOK 20,000 in electricity costs per year. This assumes that the information on the Energyspeedometer is followed up. Homes with lower and higher electricity costs will deviate from this.

11% of 20,000 = 2,200 and NOK 900 in lower grid rent by controlling the capacity levels. A total of NOK 3,100

Energy speedometer TM

Smart notification

The energy speedometer TM will notify you when your energy consumption is approaching the top of your online rental step. You can then make the necessary changes in your own consumption to keep consumption down and avoid hitting a higher step in the online rent.

Read more about the new online rental model here.
(link to NVE)

Energy speedometer TM

Save money right away

With the EnergyspeedometerTM:

  • Save money and electricity. Take control of your energy consumption
  • That everyone in the household learns more about electricity, kilowatts and how prices in the market change.
  • Get a notification before you hit a new price category in the online rental and have to pay more than necessary.
  • Contribute to strengthening society's electricity infrastructure, energy production and the fight against global warming.

Energy Speedometer

Reserve your unit today for NOK 500 (Total price NOK 1,995)

To get started

  • Connect a HAN adapter to the power meter. E.g. Tibber Pulse. We also support some other HAN adapters. HAN adapter. Contact us if you need a HAN adapter.
  • Download the EnergySpeedometer app for IOS and Android.
  • Connect to Energyspeedometer .

Get control of your power consumption with the Energyspeedometer - simple and straightforward!

Energy Speedometer

The story behind it

In the winter of 2022, the idea of the Energyspeedometer was born. Brage and his father were discussing electricity prices and how confusing consumption was. On the kitchen wall in Brage's parents' house, there is a good old-fashioned energy meter installed, which is also called "Vippa". The 10 kW analog meter still works and measures electricity consumption based on what is drawing power. Today, electricity consumption is not quite the same as it was in the 70s and 80s. Electric cars, induction stoves, electric heating, bicycles, digital gadgets in every home mean that power consumption has increased considerably and this creates overload problems for the power grid.

Brage saw the need for a digital meter that informed and educated the household about energy use. His vision is that if people understand how electricity works and get control of their energy consumption, it will lead to more energy efficiency, more energy savings and more balanced consumption, creating less strain on the grid. Every home should have an energyspeedometer .

The Energy Speedometer is a digital electricity meter that is easy to set up and understand. You need a Tibber Puls/Nxt Energy heart rate monitor that connects to the HAN port in your electricity meter.

Via our
App (Energyspeedometer, available in both App Store and Google Play) you can easily set up a link between your heart rate monitor and the Energy Speedometer. Real-time data is sent via Wifi/GSM (depending on the heart rate monitor) to your EnergySpeedometer. With the data available on the screen, you and the rest of the household can control consumption.

Integrations with other heart rate monitors will be coming.

The device itself has the following dimensions:
Width: 84 mmDepth: 84 mmHeight: 72 mm